3 Simple Decorating Ideas for Small Bedroom

Decorate a small bedroom in an efficient way with creative decorating ideas like using the right color scheme and lighting!

1. Bright and simple color scheme

For small bedrooms, colors have a huge impact to make the space look spacious or compact. Using light, earthy and neutral bedroom shades like white and cream will make a small bedroom feel larger than it is. If you are looking for particular paint design ideas, a creative decorating idea would be to choose a single shade and to use it on the walls, but also for your doors and moldings. In order to help your small bedroom feel bigger, don’t forget to avoid deep shades that will have the opposite effect!


2. Light bed sheets and sheer curtains

The bed sheets and curtains should also be selected according to a single design pattern. For example, white bedding is a very good choice to keep the room open and classy. A simple decorating idea to make a small bedroom look larger is to choose curtains in the same shades used on the walls. Blinds and sheer curtains will give an airy impression to your small space and will let sunlight enter naturally.


3. Keep your bedroom light

If you are wondering how to decorate your room to make it look spacious, a smart decorating idea is to place your lights close to the bed. Wall mounted lamps are also a good option, but let go of your standing lampshades! To keep it light, a simple decorating idea is to use a mirror to reflect more natural light and visually give the impression of more space.

Other useful tips:

-Replace your king size bed with a queen size or a platform bed to save space

-Limit your furnishings and accessories

-Consider under-bed storage and built-ins to keep it neat

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