Creative DIY Headboard Ideas

Save money and add a centerpiece in the bedroom with a do-it-yourself headboard design. Armed with a host of ideas for decorating, it becomes an easy process to decide on a style that comes to life. While some styles may require a few tools, many headboard creations are as simple as applying a little glue or using a stapler.

Deciding on a theme and colors comes first. If the design is for a youth bedroom, cork squares with adhesive backs can turn into an instant message center. For boys’ rooms, sports and hobbies can include a real basketball backboard or mounted wood pallets painted in favorite colors. Chalkboards are another fun option for kids’ spaces.

Fabrics are often a first choice for adult bedroom spaces. Choosing how to decorate with materials can require building a wood frame backing. Adding padding gives a headboard extra dimension. For tufting, just add staples at strategic places and then glue buttons on top. Stretched and wrapped over a piece of plywood, fabric is easy to attach at the back with a staple gun. Sections of old picket fencing, either repainted or left in a weathered state, are perfect touches for cottage and country decor.

Adhesive backed tiles, including mirrors and flooring, can make attractive backdrops. Surround them with wood molding and they become even more decorative. Many of these headboard ideas are easy to finish in just a few hours. Once they are in place, they will make a world of difference in bedrooms.

Photo by: Posh Living, LLC

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