How window treatments can make your room look bigger

When it comes to learning how to decorate in a small space, every design decision matters. From the color scheme and floor plan to the furniture and lighting, the right choices can make a room look larger than it really is. Discovering how window treatments can make a room look bigger goes a long way towards achieving an expansive style.

Because windows are the source of natural light in a room, they naturally attract the eye. If the view from the window is scenic, it’s advantageous to take a minimalistic approach and treat the window as a picture frame. By decorating the room in colors inspired by the view outside, the interior space becomes incorporated with the outdoors, making the room feel larger.

Decorating the window becomes more challenging when the view outside is unappealing or when privacy is a concern. For a sleek, modern room, blinds offer an elegant solution. Roman shades offer the same minimal look as conventional blinds, and their softer appearance makes them a better choice for traditional decorating styles. If curtains or draperies are used, the room will look larger if the fabric is the same or close to the same color as the surrounding walls.

Architectural element in a room, they make strong focal points. By learning how window treatments can make a room look bigger, it becomes easier to discover how to decorate in a limited space. With the right design strategies, a small room can achieve a grand style.

Photos via: Posh Living, LLC…love Maegan

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