Halloween Decorating: 4 Must-Know Tips to Decorate the Front Yard

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4 Tips to decorating your home the holidays! We decorated the front yard for Halloween, but you can use these tips for any holiday.

1) Choose a theme
2) Repeat
3) Have a focal point
4) Scale & proportion

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3 thoughts on “Halloween Decorating: 4 Must-Know Tips to Decorate the Front Yard

  1. Thank you for this video. I love your organized thought patterns! …Christmas is the season when most folks go overboard on lawn decor. Lots of mis-matched stuff, like Christmas Mickey Mouse along side a nativity scene, along with changing lights and holiday music. It all looks very ADD. More like visual noise, not a cohesive buffet for the eyes. And their neighbors have to live with it for about 6 weeks. Please make a Christmas video with these outdoor decor tips. Go, Christmas!

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