My Top 10 Christmas Decorating Home Tips, Holiday Centerpieces, Trees, Garlands, Men & Women over 50

It’s time to think about getting your home ready for Christmas & the holidays. In this Top 10 decorating & getting prepared YouTube video I show you ideas on garlands, centerpieces, shopping, adding music & games, food snacks & hor’s d’oeuvres ideas & more! Although our video vlogs are usually for men or women over 50, this video could be interesting for a man or woman in their 30s or 40s. Even if you’re on a budget there are some dollar store Xmas decor that works well even though the prices are cheap. Get some great Xmas ideas & looks for your house no matter what your budget. We hope you get inspired to start early & enjoy the wonderful Christmas holiday season! Heather & Bill (scroll down for similar items featured in this video)

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22 thoughts on “My Top 10 Christmas Decorating Home Tips, Holiday Centerpieces, Trees, Garlands, Men & Women over 50

  1. Wonderful and uplifting video, Bill & Heather- loved it- all of your videos are so refreshing and love little Hurricane, too- Thank you for the great Christmas tips and keep on with your videos…Have a Happy Holiday!!

  2. OMG…When I saw that you went into the Dollar Tree first? I was like, yeah now I know why I like you!!! You can get some amazing things at the Dollar Tree!!! Who doesn't like a good Home Goods Store….I love this video!!!

  3. Hi Heather, Bill & little Hurricane… Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. AWESOME video&ideas. I have the holiday spirit this year. We're going to put up the tree&decorations after Thanksgiving. I've got empty wine bottles that I put lights inside of to make some centerpieces. I also use old Christmas cards & make ornaments/decorations. We've got a 6 1/2ft. White tree that's about a decade old now, but we make it quite festive. I love arts&crafting, so I do some creating which is such fun. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve with family, food, & gift giving. On Christmas Day, we laze around the house watching movies in our pj's eating finger foods & dinner is either leftovers or Chinese. I really haven't had the holiday spirit since my husband passed away 5yrs ago, however; this year I feel festive&alive. I've been really evaluating my life lately&I'm feeling empowered. I've also got a birthday coming up on 12/10. You & Bill have given me some wonderful things to try&incorporate into my life, thank you. Hurricane is definitely in the holiday spirit, I love his sweater. Give him a big hug for me. Be well my AWESOME ONES.:)

  4. Thank you for this video. I love Christmas too but my mom passed away on December 23rd 2016. I still hold on to my joy and love of Christmas but last year I definitely needed little "time-outs" because the grief was overwhelming and completely random. One day I was singing carols and decorating and the next I was crying uncontrollably. So I've been a bit apprehensive as to what it will be like this year. Your video helped a lot!! Your energy and beautiful decorations and tips made me feel so much better. Thank you!! 💙

  5. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day for us south of you, but I always put up my tree and Saturday after Thanksgiving. We have two cats who help us “redecorate” it every single day by slapping off ornaments or climbing up in it. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without hearing an ornament hit the floor in the middle of the night. 🎄 But I absolutely LOVE Christmas decorations and the smells of something baking in the oven and the lights and the inflatable yard stuff and the special services at our church. All of it together just makes me incredibly happy. God’s peace to you and your family during the season.

  6. Hi Heather and Bill, what a great video!! Heather, you are a girl after my own heart……I love wearing Christmas socks and watching the Hallmark Christmas Movies!! It's fun seeing your pretty Christmas decorations and seeing your adorable Hurricane in his warm sweater!! Thank you so much for sharing this great video!! You and Bill and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!❤️🎄❄️

  7. Hey Heather & Bill…… this video, and love these awesome tips 🙂 Wow, you got some great decorations here Heather, love the pillows, and I like how you decorated the garland for your mantle. YES…..I am all about a fabulous Hallmark movie, they are such a pleasure to watch around this time of year. Awwwwww…….sweet little Hurricane looks adorable in his sweater while sleeping on the pillows…….thanks so much for sharing, wishing you both well, take care XO

  8. Heartwarming video , Heather, and Bill. Thank you so much. I was dreading the Christmas fuss a little bit, but you reminded me why we do it all. Great hints, and I love your "ugly tree", and your dollar store purchases that look so good. Cutest of all are the cushions, with the very chilled, adorable little Hurricane relaxing. Wonderful video from great people.

  9. I also love those battery operated candles and we have amassed so many home made ornaments I will never need to buy any more ever! One of our favorite games to play is called ‘Who Knew?’, it’s so much fun!😘❄️🎄

  10. What a wonderful video!!
    My husband and I met at a Christmas party in 1992!
    One year later we became engaged and went back to the same Christmas party and waited for people to notice my engagement ring, lol We’ll be married 25 years this June and have three awesome kids
    Your ideas are just terrific, I always unpack all my stuff before I buy anything new, that’s the best idea of all I think 🎄❄️❤️

  11. What an attractive couple you two are. I love your positive attitude and your presence. Hope you both have a wonderful holiday season and keep up the great work on the videos. Bill please do more videos please!! Gary H. Thank you for the wonderful deco. ideas too!! My wife Kristine and i met on Nov. 3rd of 95.

  12. Very pretty and I enjoyed the “ugly Christmas tree”. The sentimental quality is precious. Thanks for sharing where you purchased the decorations. Have found some expensive ornaments at the thrift stores and Goodwill. It takes some time hunting but it’s like digging for treasure. It takes patience! Thanks again and have a lovely holiday.🎄

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