Turning a Plastic Bag into a Pastry Bag | Cupcake Decorating

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“Hi, my name is Elizabeth Sutton. I’m one of the head decorators hear at Amanda Oakleaf cakes. I really enjoy working here and being a decorator, more specifically cupcake decorator. You can come visit us at our store front. It’s at 1 Pauline Street in Winthrop, Massachusetts. And you can also visit out website at oakleafcakes.com. And today I’m going to be talking to you about cupcake decorating. So, I””m gonna show you how to turn an ordinary freezer bag into a piping bag. Um, if you absolutely cannot get a piping bag, this is a good option. So the first thing you’re gonna wanna do is take your freezer bag and you’re gonna wanna cut off a very small corner. Start small cause you can always cut more off but you cannot put more bag on. So try and see if your piping tip fits. If the tip is out but you cannot push the entire thing out of the piping bag itself then you’re tip fits perfectly. And this one fits pretty well so the next step would be to flip the bag inside out as you would do a regular piping bag. It’s a little tricky because your piping tip is kind of in a weird spot. It’s kind of in the corner. So just keep that in mind when you’re filling it. So I would hold it from the tip. That way you know where to direct your frosting. With these I wouldn’t fill them so full because they hold a lot less than a normal piping bag. So making sure that the opening to the piping bag is at the top. You’re gonna wanna push your frosting down. It might be a little awkward to hold it but just make sure there’s no air in there. So you’re gonna wanna take your piping bag. That is how you turn a freezer bag into a piping bag.


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  1. Thanks for the great idea and screw the haters! But if you want less hate comments. Just buy some of those cheap fake teeth. Like the β€œBubba teeth” but only they’re made straight. Then the haters will be able to pay attention.

  2. Why do you guys notice her gaps…she is beautiful and cute with those gaps…lucky girl…I love you ideas and everything but Alas!! We don't have any freezer bags here…do you have a supplement for those…plz answer

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